Online Coaching

The Online ROCFitness Training program has been designed to improve all aspects of fitness. Improving Strength, muscular endurance, the cardiovascular system and mobility. The training program will be exciting and challenge you in ways you might not have been pushed before, leading to the body that not only looks good but performs well too.


Program Structure

The program will contain 5 planned training sessions throughout the week designed by our Coaches. The program will contain a variety of exercises and train multiple training systems in order to maximise your time in the gym and to perform at your best.


How will the program be broken down?

Heavy compound lifts

Accessory work




Once signed up you will have full access to our private facebook group with like minded people. This will allow us to give you constant support, comment on any training videos you may upload, answer any questions you have and we will add tips and suggestions to get the most out of your training sessions.


The Program will

-will add structure to your gym sessions

-Build Strength

-Increase your cardiovascular capacity

-Perform and move better

-Optimise your time in the gym

Join our Online Training community and take your training to the next level.