ROCFitness is different from your standard commercial gyms. Our ROCFit class membership is an exclusive capped membership, providing a very friendly personal atmosphere. Our team and members are welcoming and will make you feel comfortable in our gym environment. Our philosophy on training is about having fun and creating a community feel whilst achieving your goals! 


Many people have gym memberships which they don’t use – they either don’t feel comfortable in that environment training on their own, or they don’t know what to do. ROCFitness is the perfect gym for people who feel this way. 




We are a private gym which specialises in Personal training and Group Training. This allows us to get to know all of our members and make you feel part of something. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an athlete, we will cater for all your individual needs. 


ROCFitness is built on the foundations of helping people improve their general fitness alongside their mind set and outlook on life. Helping people is our passion. We've delivered great experiences for our clients through building personal relationships and understanding individual goals – we know where to push our clients to deliver the best results.


We believe in creating a partnership with clients to bring out the best – it’s not only the client that has to put in the work, we also work hard to complete the goal we have set out together.