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Welcome to the ROC Family

ROCFitness is built on the foundations of helping people improve their general fitness alongside their mindset and outlook on life. Helping people is our passion. We've delivered great experiences for our clients through building personal relationships and understanding individual goals – we know where to push our clients to deliver the best results.

Our Values

Our training methods look to improve all aspects of fitness. Becoming a fitter, stronger, healthier, happier and more mobile version of yourself.


We believe there is more to fitness than just weight loss. We want you to focus on the bigger picture of training, looking to get stronger, looking to get fitter, rather than concentrating on the number the scales say each week.


Teaching you to fall in love with the process rather than hating every second of it. We want you to Look forward to training each day!


Weight loss is the easy part and something that will happen as a side product of the above. A well throughout programme and guidance from our coaches will do that for you.


We coach with passion.


Enjoy the Process

ROCFitness was created so that everyone can enjoy fitness, feel at ease in a training environment, and support one another. There will always be a spot for you down the Lab, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

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